6 Hrs ~ Nutrition Thyroid ~ CA-A-23-12-06018

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Exam Process: Read all instructions!

1. Open a new window or a new internet tab & drag it so it's side-by-side next to this page.

2. On the new window or new tab you just opened, go to: backtochiropractic.net website. 

3. Go to the Online section. DON'T register again.

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5. Now you should have the Notes open on the new tab or new window & the Exam instructions open on this tab/window, so these two pages are side-by-side on your computer.

6. Click on Start test button on the upper right.

7. Enter your details. (Be accurate as this info appears on your certificate). 

8. Click on Start button at the bottom.

9. Read the Notes & click on the correct answers as you go. You can not go back and answer again.

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13. You may stop at any point and then continue at a later time if you like.

14. If you pass, (80%) you can download your certificate. A copy will also be emailed to you. If you fail, retake the exam until you pass.

14. If you are taking more courses, simply return to: backtochiropractic.net website & click on the Exam link for the next course.

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Marcus Strutz, DC
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