Are YOU a Successful Online Innkeeper?

There are basic Online Responsibilities that ALL property Owners must be knowledgeable of.  This DOES NOT MEAN you are doing your own Marketing tasks.  This means that you possess the basic knowledge regarding topics and concepts that make up your Online Presence, and that you establish and maintain control of all the associated accounts and services that impact your Online Presence. 

As the owner of your business, you should maintain Administrative Control.

  • Not your Webmaster. 
  • Not your Designer. 
  • Not your Marketing Firm. 

It has to be you, the Inn Owner!  People and companies such as your Marketing Firm, Designer and Webmaster are there to support you, but not to own your Digital Assets. 

But first, you need to know-that-you-know what these topics and concepts are, therefore we invite you to take this short 10 Question Quiz to TEST your knowledge regarding How Much Do You Really Know About Your Online Responsibilities!