Bushiroad Judge Program [Weiss Schwarz]

Time limit for the exam: 1 hour, 15 minutes

About Bushiroad Judge Test

- Time limit is 75 minutes.
- Test not advisable to be completed on smartphone.
- Only the first attempt from candidates will be used for evaluation.
- Sharing or publishing contents of the test is prohibited. Violators will be blacklisted.

To everyone who is interested in becoming a Bushiroad Official Judge

Thank you very much for taking this test.

If you possess good knowledge about Bushiroad’s Trading Card Games, want to understand the games more and have the passion to organize events, you are exactly who we are looking for!

There are 2 objectives we would like to achieve through the Bushiroad Judge Test.
1. Improve the quality of Bushiroad official events
2. Create a better playing environment for both new and veteran players

To achieve those objectives, we would need certified official judges.
The judge test is not only about how much you understand the rules of the games.
It is a program to find people who are passionate about helping out at and organizing official events.
Through the test, we are hoping to find people with our desired qualities and will evaluate each candidate based on the following:

1. Ability to communicate
As a judge for trading card games, situations that require a detailed explanation of the rulings to new players are very common. In these cases, it is key that a judge is patient and friendly towards the new players.
Also, you will definitely need to mediate and resolve disputes between players. Therefore, the ability to communicate politely and clearly during these disputes is highly valued.
While judging a game, situations such as major penalties (game loss), judging mistakes or any complicated issues, may result in a greater dispute among the community. It is important that a judge evaluate the situation, and report to Bushiroad swiftly when such situations arise.
The email correspondence between Bushiroad and the candidates will be evaluated as well.

2. Understanding about the rulings
This is the most essential quality of a judge.
Clear understanding about the trading card game rulings is compulsory for all judges.
Here are some examples of frequently asked questions for judges:

- Multiple abilities triggering at the same timing and how to resolve it
- Flow of a turn, step and phase
- Attacking flow of characters, monsters and units
- How to resolve abilities of certain keywords
- The sequence of playing a card

It is recommended for you to try out the scenario, record them and further understand why it is resolved in a certain way.
This will increase the number of questions and situations that you are able to handle.
Also, there are situations that cannot be solved using the rulings. The examples are:

- Drawing 2 cards instead of 1
- Opponent not showing up when the round starts
- Opponent accidentally dropping and revealing a few cards from his/her deck while shuffling
- Both players failing to notice that the power of a certain card is 6000 until the end of resolution, instead of 5000 which was declared

Judges are required to understand the floor rules well and be able to give players involved in any dispute a satisfying answer. If there are people around you who are experienced in judging tournaments, it is recommended to have a discussion with them to gain a broader perspective on how problems could be solved.

3. Experience as a shop tournament or event staff
Should the other aspects of the test be similar, priority consideration will be given to candidates who have experience in being part of the Bushiroad official shop tournament or event organizing team.
The first two the qualities mentioned previously are not qualities obtained by simply playing card games. It is mostly obtained through running events as an organizer.
It is recommended for candidates to help out at shop tournaments, organize community events among playgroups. Through this, you will definitely encounter issues that will only appear when you are running an event and strengthen your communication skills when dealing with other members of your organizing team, as well as the players involved.

To conclude, we look forward to meeting all the new official judges in our program!