Class 11 Group Selection Test

Time limit per question: 1 minute


...........After reading instructions click the above RED button......

if you need help please note down the help line number on a piece of paper 6379296318.

If the phone is busy please send your query through whatsapp number 6379296318.

please have a blank sheet and pencil handy with you for the entire course of the test.


Please read the following Instructions before starting the test

The total duration of the exam is 50 Minutes.

Each question will be available for 60 seconds , after that you will not be able to answer that question. The timer will be at the top of the question as a red bar.

You will have to answer a question before you move to the next question. This must be done in 1 minute.

You Will only be allowed one attempt of the test.

If you are taking the test on a mobile phone do not take any calls during the exam.

All data in the first sheet  is compulsory and must be entered

1.In the Email id   field please key in your  APPLICATION

eg . If your application number is 1234 you will enter   in the email id field

 2.  In the user name  field please key in your full name

3.  In the Password field please key in any password you want. Please remember your password, write it down

4. In the Phone Number field please key in your 10 digit mobile number

5.  In the Gender field please choose your gender from the drop down

6. In the Date of Birth field , please choose your date of birth from the drop down calendar

7. In the Application no. please key in your application number

8. In the Group opted for field, please choose the group you would like to apply for

Note: Please do not key in anything at the already registered part of the first sheet