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Owlypia is an international online competition for students aged 11-14 and 15-18. They aim to inspire intellectual curiosity, build research skills and academic confidence in young minds. They have about 20 to 25 employees.

Owlypia easy lmsOwlypia organizes international online competitions. They wanted to run around ten different tests simultaneously and needed a secure LMS platform to run the tests with thousands of students. After a few weeks of research and trials, they concluded that Easy LMS was the right choice.

Owlypia using easy lmsOwlypia also needed a platform where users can log in, get more information about the tests, then take the tests and receive a certificate afterwards through the LMS. They found that uploading questions and student data is pretty easy, and all of the participants received their certificates upon the completion of the tests.

Owlypia LMSAli Cifci, Managing Director at Owlypia, commented:

''Easy LMS is like our dream platform for our international competition purposes. It has an intuitive user interface and the styling options are great. We had no issues during the tests, and students, teachers and parents were all happy afterwards.We would recommend it to anyone without hesitation!''

Ali Cifci

Ali Cifci, Managing Director at Owlypia

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