3rd Year End of first term exams

This exam is to be completed at the end of 'First Term Primary 3'

Pupils are to be tested on the following Maths Skills:

Number: Being able to count numbers up to 100 including identifying 1 more or  less of any given number, being able to count in twos, fives and tens. Ordering numbers and Identifying halves and quarters(fractions).

Basic Operators: Being able to use mathematical operators of addition, subtraction and the equal sign, being able to add and subtract numbers up to 20

Algebraic processes: Being able to find missing numbers in addition and subtraction sums.

Mensuration and Geometry: Being able to identify 2d and 3d shapes, comparing lengths, weights and volume, recognise different denominations of notes and coins, time vocabulary including days of the week, months and year, o' clock and half past

Everyday statistics: collecting and interpreting data