Practice QLD Police Supervised Exam

Welcome to your practice QLD Police Cognitive Test and congratulations on taking action to prepare for your coming selection tests.

If you pass the initial WONDERLIC style assessment you will be invited to book in for a supervised exam. This supervised exam is quite different to the WONDERLIC style of testing and includes many more areas of assessment including literacy, listening and GENERAL COGNITIVE ABILITY testing. 

This practice exam will give you an idea of your skills in this final COGNITIVE ABILITY TEST.

Whilst there is no time limit on this practice test, keep in mind that in the supervised exam you will only have about THIRTY SECONDS per question (on average).

So it should only take you 10 minutes to complete the following 20 questions.

In our QLD POLICE PREP resources you will get access to training quizzes as well as timed exams that more accurately simulate the length and time constraints of your actual supervised exam.

Click START to commence your test.