GDPR Self-assessment (EN)

Is your organisation ready for the new privacy legislation? Fill in Kiwa's GDPR Self-assessment

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be officially introduced on 25 May. The GDPR replaces national privacy laws in all EU countries. In order to avoid high fines, your organisation must comply with the GDPR.

Kiwa’s Expert Center ICT & Information Security supports organisations in securing and certifying their information management according to widely supported standards for information security such as ISO 27001. In addition, Kiwa offers you an extensive GDPR Test or a GDPR Certification, including extensive reporting and a certificate so that you can prove objectively and independently that your organisation complies with the new European privacy legislation.

Is your organisation GDPR-proof?
Do you want to know where your organisation stands when it comes to privacy and working with confidential data? Then carry out Kiwa‘s GDPR Self-assessment. Based on 13 questions you will receive an initial indication, an explanation of the GDPR situation within your organisation and an advice. If you want to carry out a GDPR audit immediately to prove that you meet the GDPR requirements, please email

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