What is the difference between Multiple Categories and Single Scale assessment?

When you want to create an assessment, you will be asked to choose between two assessment formats; Multiple Categories or Single Scale. Let me explain the difference between them here:

Multiple Categories assessment

The format for a Multiple Categories assessment can be used to create assessments were a respondent can fit into one, or several different categories.
This is the format that would typically be used for a personality test. Where the categories could be someting like: "You are a dreamer", "You are an adventurer", or "advocate", or "worker", etc.
When you create the assessment you can enter the number of points that should be added to any of the particular category for every separate answer to a question.

Single Scale

With the Single Scale format you can create assessments where a respondent can score on one aspect, like the level of experience.
This format can be used to measure someone on a single scale, like from "beginner" to "expert", or from "conservative" to "liberal".
When you create this assessment you can give in the number of points that should be added to the score. You can define the score-limits for the separate levels on the scale.

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