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  • How to give online exams

    Great! You’ve decided to give an online exam. But how does this exactly work? What can you expect? Hopefully, you will learn how to do this by following these few steps.

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  • How to write online examination

    Creating good exam question may be more difficult than you think. Participants can easily misinterpret your questions. These tips and tricks will help you to create better questions with only a few alterations. More good worded questions will lead to better results. 

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  • How to get your exam results online

    Our exambuilder checks the answers of participants and shows them their results. What’s better than that? It’s less work for you and learners can get an immediate insight into their results. This article will show you how to get your exam results online. There are two options to show to participants after they’ve made the test. You can choose either to show them a standard result page where not extra information is given about the results or you can show them their results.

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