KeraStraight Expert

Welcome to the KeraStraight Exam! In just 10-15 minutes you could be a certified KeraStraight Expert.

At KeraStraight we’re on a mission to create the ultimate team of brilliant experts who’ll delight their clients with the best hair they could ever imagine. 
That means our standards are high, with a pass mark of 85%. But don't worry, it’s easy to revisit the training course and retake the exam if you don’t quite make the grade first time round.
Once you have gained your certificate, you’ll have all the knowledge and understanding you need to astound your clients with our world-leading, transformational treatments.
You’ll be brimming with enthusiasm and confidence to tailor KeraStraight for every hair type and each client’s needs, and that enthusiasm is infectious! You’ll find it spreads to your clients, fills your column and improves your business like never before.
So what are we waiting for? Let’s make this official. 
Let’s get started...