Can I change the login settings for a quiz?

Yes you can! You can set the login requirement for users in your quiz dashboard. We currently have the following options:

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Logging in is:

  • Required
  • Optional
  • Not possible
  • By invite only

After choosing one of the settings, you can then choose HOW a user can log in:
Users can log in with:

  • Username
  • Username & Email
  • Username & Email & Password

And then there is more! With our Business Owl and Corporate Owl You can ask users to fill in additional fields. Those fields can be set to optional or required. Additional player information you can ask is:

  • Phonenumber
  • Company
  • Function within the company
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Street name
  • Postal code
  • City
  • Country

You can also set "custom fields", so you can ask your users custom questions like: "Do you own a cat?" or "What's the best thing that has ever happened in your life?". Any relevant question you can think of :)

When your quiz is online you can later view the results of the players and the user data in the "result and stats" tab. To view the results and data of your users you need a premium plan (any premium plan will do, see for more info here). And of course all the data about your individual users.

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