What is the maximum amount of plays per month?

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The maximum amount of plays per month is there to keep the traffic for your account within limits. You have reached the maximum when the amount of plays for all of your quizzes, exams, assessments and courses together has exceeded the given limit.

These are the limits for our accounts:
Tiny Owl - 100 plays / per month
Smart Owl - 1.000 plays / per month
Business Owl - 25.000 plays / per month
Corporate Owl - 50.000 plays / per month

However, if you exceed this limit with a one-time success, no problem... More power to you! We'll be happy we could enable this. Only if you exceed the limit on a structural basis, we will contact you and ask you to change your plan.
In any way, we will never disable or shut down a quiz without getting in touch with you first!  : )

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