Types of exams and tests

If you like it or not, tests are a part of daily life. Be it on school or through out your career. Once in a while you have to do a test. There are different types of tests and examination with different goals. We describe the different goals to perform a test. Each test can be made with our online exam builder.

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Diagnostic test

With this test you can test how much your students already know about a given subject or topic. You can use the results of this test to schedule your class. Which subjects need some extra attention. For the student this gives him or her some insights in which part of the class need some extra study hours. 

Placement test

This kind of test can be used to place the student in the appropriate class or level. For example for language classes this is often used prior to starting the class. 

Progress or Achievement tests

These tests are used to measure progress in a given subject. This will mostly follow a diagnostic test or can be in regular intervals. If you measure regularly you get a better picture of the progress of your students. 

Internal test

These are internal tests given by the institution where the student is following classes. 

Objective tests

Objective test have clear right or wrong answers. All multiple-choice test fall into this group. The students get a pre-defined set of answers to choose the correct answer from. 

Subjective tests

With this type of tests the maker of the exam has to pass judgement on the answers of the student. Mostly this in the form of free text questions or essays. 

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