Exam Use Cases

  • Vocabulary Test Maker

    Our quiz and course maker will help you to put your vocabulary test online. Our test generator is an easy tool to test the vocabulary. What does vocabulary exactly mean? Well, the dictionary says: "The set of words within a language that are familiar are known as a person’s vocabulary." Children of three years old are mastering concrete words like “cat”, “dog” and “table”.

    Once children go to school, they learn abstract words like “love”, “power” and “wisdom”. The kind of test you’re going to give depends on the age children have. Children of the age of three are (often) not able to read. You have to come up with a different type of test than reading. Images and audio can help with that. You will find an example later on.

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  • Multiple Choice Spelling Test

    Spelling is something that can easily be tested by multiple choice questions. So you're looking for a spelling test maker? Our exambuilder is a perfect tool to create a multiple choice spelling test.

    This article will give you an overview of some options you can use for creating your own multiple choice spelling test. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration.

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  • Active and Passive Voice Quiz

    This page will show the differences between active and passive voice. First it will describe what active or passive voice means. It will give you an explanation of what it contains plus some examples for a better understanding. Once you know the differences, you should see which kind of sentence is best to use.

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