Multiple Choice Spelling Test

Spelling is something that can easily be tested by multiple choice questions. So you're looking for a spelling test maker? Our exambuilder is a perfect tool to create a multiple choice spelling test.

This article will give you an overview of some options you can use for creating your own multiple choice spelling test. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration.

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Types of multiple choice spelling tests

There are different kinds of multiple choice spelling tests. I will give you some examples about the different options on how to ask multiple choice spelling questions.

Choose the correct (or incorrect) answer.

You can differ the answer options from two to eight options. It’s better to use a positively worded question than a negatively worded question. Another possibility is to have more than one answer right. Although this seems to be a more difficult thing to be with spelling :-)


Choose the right option:

  • Mississippi
  • Misissippi
  • Missisippi

Finish the sentence with only one option. It says what it contains.


Finish the sentence

He is better……

  • than me
  • then me
  • than I am
  • the I am

Two options.


Tom ……. a better grade ……. I have

  • have - than
  • has - than
  • have - then
  • has - then

Name the fault.

First you have to search the fault. Than you have to know what kind of fault it is. This asks more knowledge of your participants.


How do you call this fault?

“White snow”

  • Pleonasm
  • Tautology

There are also options on how many times you want to ask a question:

Repeat until all the answers are right. Or ask all questions only one time.

How to study for a multiple choice spelling test?

First you have to know the spelling rules. If you don’t know these rules, it’s way too difficult for you. It’s like driving a car without knowing the traffic rules = mission impossible. After you know the rules, you have to apply the knowledge. There are several tests to test your knowledge about spelling on the internet. Read more about tips and tricks for creating online questions.

Did you find it? 

There's one glaring and intended spelling mistake in our text. Did you find it?

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