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Our quiz and course maker will help you to put your vocabulary test online. Our test generator is an easy tool to test the vocabulary. What does vocabulary exactly mean? Well, the dictionary says: "The set of words within a language that are familiar are known as a person’s vocabulary." There are several types of questions you can ask to test vocabulary. I will give you some examples on the different types of questions you can ask.

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Show word and choose the right meaning of that word

This is the most obvious question. Learners have to be able to read, otherwise they wouldn’t understand anything of course.

Show word and find the image that that word resembles

This is a type of questions which is good to use with concrete words. A more abstract word, like “wisdom”, may be difficult to show on an image.

Show image and choose the word that fits with that image

Again, this is a question that is better to use with concrete words. Furthermore learners have to interpret the image the right way.

Audio and choose the right image/word

This could be a solution to test the vocabulary of younger children. Children can listen to the word that is being said and choose the right image that belongs to the audio. You have to make sure that children understand the instruction. Sometimes children don’t understand the instruction and just click on some images.

Synonyms and contradictions

This type of questions requires more knowledge of learners. First they have to understand the meaning of a word and then they have to know the synonym or contradiction of that word. 

What can our tool do for you?

Now you know all types of questions you can use. It’s nice to have some variety in your questions. Our tool can help you to create your own vocabulary test. It’s an easy way to not only create your own test, but also see immediate results from learners. Especially, when you want to know what kind of words need to have some more attention. You get to see an overview of the learners separately and an overall view of the question made.

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