Learning Management System (LMS) Trends

The Learning Management System (LMS) trends are given in this article. What are some things trending right now?

You see more and more learning management systems being implemented in today’s society. It’s something you see in education, but also in other settings like businesses and companies. What are some trends around Learning Management Systems?

LMS trends

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“Gamification is all about playing games.” This thought is a common mistake people make. But what is gamification than? It’s about applying the concept of game design to non-game applications. So it doesn't have to mean you're playing a game, but it's a possibility to play a game. Examples of gamification are playing online quizzes and even playing Minecraft (for developing mathematical skills). It gets learners motivated to learn something, which hopefully will encourage them to get better grades :). If you want to read more about this subject, you can click on this link gamification.

Mobile learning

Mobile learning, also called m-learning, can be done whenever en wherever you want to. This educational system supports, with the help of mobile devices, a continuous access to the learning process. This can be on devices like your phone, laptop or tablet. This model makes it possible for workers to have an education besides their work. Many courses work with this model. This model gives the opportunity to teach the same education to different learners around the world. If you want to read more about this, you can click on this link mobile learning.

Blended learning

This way of learning is shown more and more over the last few years. It’s a mix between a classical and modern learning method. Students are learning from their computers as well as they get instruction from their teachers. There are different styles of blended learning. The amount of interaction and the role teachers have varies a lot. In some models teachers decide what learners have to do and in other models learners are less dependent on teachers. The model you choose, depends on the level of independence learners have. If you want to read more about blended learning, you can click on this link blended learning :)

Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

Adjusting the pace, approach, and connecting the learners’ interests and past experiences individualizing how each student learns. That’s a mouthful! :-) This would be a lot more difficult without the use of e-learning. Learning systems can easily adjust to each performance of the student. Beyond that, learners as well as their teachers have access to take a look at the performances. With a classical method (books) it’s less easy to adjust to a learning level. Students set their own learning goals with guidance from their teachers. This method does require self-discipline from students.  

Now you know about the exciting LMS trends, you may want to read more about the history of LMS systems.

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