Creative and fun quiz ideas & examples

Sometimes the best way to get creative.... is to copy-paste! Please use the example quizzes below to your advantage and feel free to steal all the elements you like.

Quiz ideas and examples

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Quiz examples

Click on the links below to take the quizzes and see for yourself how much fun it is!

Game of Thrones Quiz

General Knowledge Quizzes

These are some general knowledge quizzes you may want to try and learn some useful (and non-useful) stuff to improve your knowledge of the world and pop culture (and have something to talk about with your friends πŸ˜…)


A quiz to test basic knowledge of HTML. A great way for beginners to see what they already know and learn more about HTML. Click here to play the HTML Quiz

The Brazilian Quiz

How well do you know this exotic country? Beyond the stereotypes, I mean? 😎Take this quiz to find out: Things about Brazil you don't know