How to embed 2 iframes on 1 page

If you want to integrate more then one quiz, assessment, test or exam on your website please follow the following instructions.

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To embed multiple tests (quiz, exam or assessment) on a page you can add <div> to the place where you want to have a test. This will be filled with the iframe.

For example:

.. html ...
<div id="embed-location-1"></div>
... html ...
<div id="embed-location-2"></div>
.. html ...
<div id="embed-location-3"></div>

Before the </body> the following script should be added.

<script type="text/javascript">
var QuizWorks = [
[document.getElementById('embed-location-1'), '{quiz/assessment/exam/course }', '{ id of quiz}', '100%', 'auto'],
[document.getElementById('embed-location-2'), '{quiz/assessment/exam/course }', '{ id of quiz}', '100%', 'auto'],
[document.getElementById('embed-location-3'), '{quiz/assessment/exam/course }', '{ id quiz}', '100%', 'auto']
<script type="text/javascript" src="" async="async"></script>

For every embed-location you create you can add a test. 

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