NAC VQAR Paper 01

Time limit for the exam: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Read the instruction carefully before giving the test:

Assessment Information:

There are 45 Multiple choice questions in the exam.

Other Information:

  1. For each correct answer, you will be 1 mark and for every incorrect and unanswered question, you will get 0 marks.
  2. No negative marking is there in the whole exam.
  3. The skip button only skips the current question and not the whole test.
  4. You can skip one question at a time i.e., skipping more than 1 question is not allowed.
  5. You are allowed the give the exam only once.
  6. Every attempted question will be highlighted.
  7. Every un-attempted will not be highlighted.
  8. You can not submit the unanswered questions you can only skip that question.
  9. For the last Question:
    1. If you have attempted the question click SKIP after answering.
    2. Even if you have not answered the question still click SKIP to submit the test.