Powerlift Instructor English

Time limit for the exam: 30 minutes

Welcome to the KNKF Powerlift Instructor theory exam.

The KNKF theory exams are taken digitally.

To start the theory exam, you must log in with the username and password.

Before the exam you will receive a password and username.

The theory exam starts with a short instruction by the employees of the KNKF about starting, taking and closing the exam. You have 30 minutes to take the exam. Consisting of 25 multiple choice (ABCD) questions. You must get at least 75% of the questions correct. You may therefore have a maximum of 6 wrong questions.

To start the exam, click on “START”. When you have answered a question, it will be automatically saved and you continue with the next question. If you want to skip a question for a while, click on skip and you can return to this question later to answer it. Make sure that all questions have been answered at the end, for questions that remain unanswered you will receive 0 points (these are not counted). After you have answered all questions and you are sure that you are ready, you can take the exam. Pay attention!! after you have closed a question you cannot change any more answers and all answers are final. After you have completed the exam, the screen will indicate whether you passed or not.

A number of things are important, such as:

• You may not have anything on the table (no books, telephone, etc.)

• You are not allowed to take notes, you do have an A4 sheet on which you can take notes during the exam, but you must hand this in to the invigilator after the exam.

• After completing all of your questions, when you are sure that you have finished, you may leave the exam room very quietly and quietly.

* If you think that a question is incorrect in terms of content or formulation, please report this on the evaluation form. Copy the entire question and state your objection. Then we can look at it and improve.