Practice Exam for LVN Entrance

Angeles Institute uses the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam as a means to evaluate a potential student's ability to succeed within the program. The Exam contains 50 questions and tests english comprehension, and mathematic ability. The test is administered in two parts, timed and untimed.

The first is a 12 minute times exam. If the applicant receives a score of 22 or above, the applicant has passed the test and may move on in the admission process. If there is a score Below 22, the test will be returned and appicant moves on to the untimed portion of the test.

For this section the applicant has up to 60 minutes to complete any answer left on the test and to change any answers which may be wrong. Once completed, the applicant must score a 28 to move on in the admission process.

The Wonderlic SLE may be taken once a day, but only 3 times within a one year period.