Real Estate Practice 60 Hr Course Unit 2

This is the second of your series of tests.

Please remember that these do not count as part of your final score, they are so that you both you and the school can see how well you are grasping the subject.

Passing these tests is NO substitute for study. you will only get out of this course what you are prepared to put in./ 

We are all on the same mission, with the same goal - to help you pass the PSI test.

If at any time, you feel lost, alone, or that no one cares.


You may take this test as many times as you want and at a speed that you find comfortable as there is NO time limit

You have only to ask for help or make someone aware that you are struggeling and we WILL help

This Industry requires that you have a lot of knowledge which is why you are only taught by knowlegable people.

You will have one primary instructor all the way through, so PLEASE form a relationship with the instructor.

GOOD LUCK. We will meet again at the other side of the test