Runs from Feb 28, 2023 until Feb 28, 2023

Runs from Feb 28, 2023 until Feb 28, 2023

Time limit for the exam: 25 minutes

Welcome to your Computer Based Test (CBT). Please read the instructions carefully before starting this exam.


1.   Do not START until you are told to do so.

2.  On the next page, you will be required to enter your information. 

 i. Type your SURNAME and FIRST NAME in capital letters.

ii.  A valid e-mail and your class and arm e.g. JSS1 A. 

3. There are 30 objective questions, you are to answer all.

4. You cannot skip questions. After answering all questions, you will see a button to SUBMIT, DO NOT click on SUBMIT, instead raise your hand to let the instructor know you are done.

5. The exam time limit is 30 minutes, once the time is up the exam will be automatically submitted. 

Your answers and score will be sent to your provided email.

Good luck!