PMP® Exam Simulator Demo

Time limit for the exam: 20 minutes

The following Mock PMP® Exam contains 21 questions which will test your knowledge of the PMBOK® guide and project management.  This Exam includes questions that relate to all Knowledge Areas and their interaction with the individual Process Groups. The format and content of the questions are similar to the actual PMP® Exam.  You will need a score of 80% to pass this test. 

Important Note: Using an Exam Simulator to prepare for the PMP® Exam is beneficial because it tests how well you will do on the actual exam.  If you cannot pass the Mock Exams contained in the PM Group's Exam Simulator (constant score of 80%) then you may not be ready to take the actual PMP® Exam.

Exam Instructions 

Once you start the Exam:


· The Exam is timed. Timer is located in the upper right hand corner

· Click Next to move to the next question

· Click a previous question number to move back to a previous question

· Click Skip to skip a question for later review

· The Exam will prompt you to review skipped questions prior to ending the exam.

· Once you have answered all of the questions, click on "submit your answers" and your results will be displayed. 


Good Luck!