About us

Easy LMS is an internationally growing LMS company specialized in education technology. Our focus is on providing the best user experience for our customers, and their employees or students. With a team of 25 dedicated, friendly owls we strive every day to improve our LMS and give you excellent support. We do this with a smile, and a cup of coffee in our hands!

What we do

Build the best LMS that is fun and easy to use

The best LMS in the world. That’s our goal. You can already create exams, courses, assessments and quizzes. Or your own Academy. But that’s not where it stops. We aim high, and we like to challenge ourselves, so we can deliver great quality.

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Who we are

A bunch of smart web owls

We are an international team of communication and tech professionals. Most of us are Dutchies: down to earth, but not wearing clogs all day. France is responsible for some elegance, the USA for our confidence, and England for a bit of discipline. All with one thing in common: we are happy and dedicated.

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How we work

Working like a well-oiled machine

We give support, we develop new features, we solve bugs. That’s what we do all day in an eggshell 😉. To deliver quality, we prioritize our work. Therefore we use Scrum. In the meantime we learn, grow, and have fun. Because work isn’t always about work.

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Work for a company that cares about you

We have space in our nest. Do you want to make simple solutions for complex problems? Join the smart Developer Owls. Are you always ready to help others? Then the Support Owls are your feathered friends. We will make sure that you feel part of our team. Our lunches, BBQs, and Friday afternoon drinks are a good way to get to know each other. Interested? Get in touch: jobs@easy-lms.com!


Every story has a beginning

It all started in 2013. A tool to make quizzes was our first achievement. Based on customer needs, innovative ideas, and our out-of-the-box thinking, we ended up as a mature LMS with growth potential. Our road so far has been smooth, with an occasional small bump, and the odd big one. But it doesn’t end here. We plan to make more history.


The nest from which we operate

Our office is located in the beautiful city of Delft. We designed it with great care to create a perfect workplace. A place where we can fully concentrate. A place where we have discussions, and give each other actionable feedback. But also a place where we celebrate our successes.