What we do

Easy LMS provides your employees with a happy learning experience! Easy LMS is an online learning management system (LMS) designed to train your employees and help them reach their full potential! In no time at all. Cumbersome isn’t in our dictionary … easy is. Therefore we are the most effective LMS for small and medium-sized businesses. Start to upskill your employees today! 

Why we built an LMS

We are passionate about learning and personal growth. We see the value of it every day. We believe that with great learning and continuous improvements, come great results. So learning isn’t an exception for us; it’s the norm. This is possible for us because learning is easy and accessible. We want everyone to have that. That’s why we’ve built a platform that makes training affordableaccessible, and fun! So that learning or creating a training doesn’t feel like a time-consuming obligation, but quite the opposite! 

We are on a mission 💪

Hard-working, knowledgeable employees are the backbone of organizations. If their knowledge and skills grow, you grow too! Steady as a rock, and as fast as a rocket! We are on a mission to make effective learning possible for as many employees around the world as we can! That means that our LMS is, available in 24 languages (and counting), accessible, and has a unique pricing model. So that even a small business with a small budget should be able to use our product.

Easy LMS is a journey that never stops, and we like that 😊. We dream big, and act even faster. We upgrade our software weekly with small improvements and great new features. Always based on customer needs. We listen carefully to customers; they are not outsiders, but part of our business. Their experiences, mixed with our ideas, ensure that we can grow.

Jeroen Guldemond, CEO / Founder asy LMS Jeroen Guldemond CEO / FounderEasy LMS