Online exam demo

Want to know all about our easy to use examination system? We're glad to give you a walktrough in our online demo. Just schedule a skype meeting or conference call and we'll give you a free demo.


In this demo we cover all the basics of our online exam builder. We'll show you how you can create an exam and how to fill your exam with all sorts of questions. 

Exam stats, Exam results and settings

We'll have a look around our Stats & Results pages and we'll probably bore you to death with a show of all our features ;)

Exam User management

We'll even show you how our superduper user management works. Just so you know on the many ways you can distribute the course to your users.

Online exam certification

For our pro users (yes, that's you ;) we'll show you our amazing certification feature where you can have our system generate and hand out certificates completely automated. 


Just so you know who's going to call you:

Super Sales Owl: Peter Super Support Owl: Lara Super Support Owl: Priscila

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