Effectiveness of online learning

Is online learning as effective as face to face learning? How can you make sure your students will learn just as much (or more) with online courses without you being physically present to check up on them?

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Online learning makes students more in control of their learning path

If they want to pass the course or exam given, they need to take time to study, putting them in charge of their own learning process (instead of the teacher) and therefore making them more self-disciplined. That is also beneficial for the teacher/trainer, since he or she is no longer solely responsible for the trainees’ success or failure, taking a huge burden off their shoulders.

Distance learners are the best

Exam results have shown that distance learners can get similar, or better scores in exams compared to traditional students, because they study more. In fact, many of the top universities in the world are offering distance courses now.

Students can learn anytime, anywhere

How does that make it effective? Well, students don’t need to schedule a lot of hours to take a new course (including commuting, talking to colleagues, etc…) because they can take it using their own devices, anywhere. So, no time wasted on commuting. If they are busy people and don’t have much time, or you, as a trainer/teacher don’t have a lot of time available, online learning is the best way to go. 😉

It makes you and your team more effective

Online learning is effective because it makes you effective. Keep your whole team up-to-date with a few clicks: as a trainer, you don’t need to teach the same class over and over; just create a course once and share it with your group and then check their progress later. Use the extra time to work on other projects.

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