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The partnership between students and Easy LMS has been a cornerstone for years. Did you know that our founders, Jeroen and Job, launched their first software venture in their student dorm room and have collaborated with students ever since? And we still find immense value in this collaboration! Perhaps it's a way to keep our inner student alive and maintain a youthful spirit. We make it a priority to connect with and engage talented students as quickly as possible. How? Let's dive in!

Collaboration with Proteus Eretes

Since 2017, we've been teaming up with Proteus Eretes, the rowing association in Delft. The partnership felt natural with Jeroen's background as a former rowing coach there. It all began with a company event where we introduced ourselves. However, it has since evolved into a robust partnership focused on sharing knowledge. Here's a snapshot of what we’ve accomplished:

  • Organizing workshops like "Flow and Deep Concentration" and "Learning to Listen."
  • Coordinating summer internships.
  • Hosting in-house events.
  • Sponsoring their coxed four rowing boat.
  • Supporting various activities like the annual skiing trip or providing branded coffee mugs.
  • Marketing through their channels, including Instagram, newsletters, and their website.
  • Participating in company events.

Over the years, this collaboration has been incredibly successful. The workshops are well-attended and highly valued:

"I attended the Listening Workshop at Easy LMS through Proteus last May. I'm glad I did because I still benefit from it every day. I'm so enthusiastic that I've recommended it to my fellow board members at S.H.C. Scoop!"

Rick Geerdink, on the Listening Workshop in 2021

But that's not all. This collaboration has also resulted in 17 internships with members of Proteus Eretes. We're continuing to build on this success in 2024.

Collaboration with SIM, the study association for the IT and design faculty at The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Fresh off the press is our collaboration with SIM. We've expanded in this direction because we're closer to our target audience. We specialize in software, and they're a study association for tech enthusiasts who love to code. 1 + 1 = 2. It's that simple.

We're starting small to get to know each other better. Currently, the collaboration includes:

  • Marketing through their channels like Instagram and WhatsApp.
  • Organizing a lunch workshop.

EEMCS Recruitment Days

Since 2023, we've been a part of the EEMCS Recruitment Days in March. It's the annual career event for PhD and master’s students at TU Delft in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

The event consists of a career fair and interview days. We are only participating in the interview days! Here, you have speed dates of 25 minutes with students of your preference. You can make a preselection based on anonymized CVs beforehand. The interview days conclude with a networking event where you can connect with students who didn’t make the cut or have deeper conversations with your chosen candidates.

The event was a great success for us in 2023. We had the pleasure of meeting Lucian and Mees, two talented students eager to join us for a summer internship. And they had no regrets:

"The hands-on experience I gained during the internship was incredibly fulfilling."

Lucian about 2023's summer internship 

You learn to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice. And you simply learn many more techniques. I found the Summer Internship to be a real eye-opener, in the sense that I now have a better idea of what I enjoy and what I don't.

Mees about 2023's summer internship 

Would you like to meet us?

If you're not a member of Proteus or SIM and aren’t keen on career events but find us intriguing, we'd love to chat with you. We'd be thrilled if you joined us for a day to experience our company culture firsthand. Or grab a cup of coffee and ask some questions—that works, too! In that case, please email Caroline at jobs@easy-lms.com!