Online Exams with certificates

The best part of doing an Exam is receiving your certificate at the end! With our LMS, granting certificates is a piece of cake! Automatically grant your employees a PDF certificate in your corporate style!

Our certification options

Our custom certificate editor gives you the freedom to play around

A certificate is an official confirmation of the successful completion of training. For the look and feel of the certificate in PDF format, you will have two options: 

  • A template-based certificate. You can add your custom background image with your logo, for example, or a premade one. Fonts and text color are up to you. Ten select a layout that suits your background image; we offer more than 30 standard layouts. This layout covers all the required (personal) information like name, dates, job title! So, in a few clicks, you create a good-looking certificate!
  • A custom certificate. Our custom certificate editor gives you the freedom to play around! Choose the background, drag and drop the required information and match it with your corporate style. 

How does it work? 

When creating an Exam, you can decide whether you grant a certificate automatically. Start by determining what score your employees need to receive a certificate. Then, style your certificate and determine the method of distribution. There are three options: 

  1. Your employee can immediately download the certificate from the result page.
  2. Your employee gets an email with the certificate.
  3. Both options.

In addition, you can optionally send the certificate to yourself or another individual in charge of training.

Read our Help Center to learn more about how certifications look and how you can use them!

The many benefits of Exams with certificates

Our LMS automatically generates the certificates

Our LMS automatically generates the certificates; we only need your input on a few things! You only need to set it up once, which will save you tons of time in terms of creation and administration! 

Besides that, a certificate is an excellent acknowledgment of your employees' knowledge and achievements. It is something tangible they can share with others. For example, they could post it on LinkedIn! Others see your organization pays attention to employees development, benefitting you in return. 

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