What is LMS Gamification?

The meaning of LMS gamification and some advantages of "LMS Gamification" will be explained.

Learning and gaming at the same time. What sounds better than that? Gamification is more than just playing games. The name gamification suggests that it’s only about playing videogames. In fact it doesn’t have to involve playing games at all. You may be flabbergasted right now. But what does LMS gamification mean? It means that you apply the concept of game design to non-game applications.

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Advantages of LMS gamification


It motivates the learners to learn something. By increasing student engagement, you will enhance learning. More happy learners :-)


Learners are getting immediate feedback from their game. They know what they did wrong and can instantly correct the answers. It’s able to show you why you gave the incorrect answer and what the correct answer must be. This improves better recall and retention.


Who doesn’t like to get rewarded? For learners it may be an extra motivation to finish their game when they get rewarded. An example is that (if you have enough point) you are able to unlock the next level.


‘You are your own competitor.’ Learners are able to see their own results. You can set goals for yourself and each time you're playing the game, you try to be better than the last time. You can see your own results, but also compare your score to other learners. The game is on!

Better learning environment

Gamification helps creating real-life situations. This helps learners to make some subjects less abstract and more lively! In this way learners will have more empathy in a specific situation.  

Different learning levels

It’s possible to learn at your own level. If you’re a fast learner, the game can be made more difficult for.

Disadvantages of LMS gamification


Although it challenges learners to be better and better, this could also have a downside to learners. There is always the pressure of being better than other learners.

Decrease of attention span

Gamified learning makes it possible to get instant feedback and makes everything go faster. Not every teaching method is as quick as gamified learning. Students may expect that from all parts of their education. This could decrease their attention span.  

Gap between course material and games

There could be a huge gap between your course material and the games available on the market. With the uprising technology, this gap must become smaller and smaller by time :-) Read more about other LMS trends.

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