Software requirement specification for online examination system

So you're looking for an online examination system. And you're wondering what software requirements such a system has. Good question. Not only for you who is going to create the exams but also for your students who want to take the exam. 

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For big old and clunky examination systems this is a really valid question to ask. And an important one. Because if your system doesn't have the correct specifications you can't use the program.

The system requirements to use our online examination product are simple.

Software requirements to create an exam

Actually, you only need a laptop or PC with a browser and internet connection. Not some heavy duty pc, just any home or business PC or laptop will do. We support all of the modern browsers. So, we don't mind if you use an apple computer or a regular PC. And we don't mind if you prever Chrome, Safari, Firefox and even Internet Explorer (10 and above) is fine with us. You don't need to install an app.

Software requirements for students to take an exam

To take the exam we have even less requirements. You can take the exam on almost any device with an internet connection and a browser. Be it a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or pc, that's fine with us. As long as you don't use your smart fridge with touchscreen and internet connection :-)

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