The Compliance Training Makeover: UFS Dispensaries' Thriving Partnership with Easy LMS

“Staff like going in there and doing their training. It looks nice, it’s easy to use, the layout is appealing, and the styling is beautiful. We can also customize the tool to our branding. For us, it’s all about the completion rates. Without those, you might as well not bother in the first place.”

Michelle Graffeo, Learning and Development Coordinator, UFS Dispensaries, Australia

General information

Type of subscription Enterprise Owl 
Company size 105 employees 
Key features Exams, Courses, Certification, and Academy


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Full testimonial

UFS Dispensaries is a not-for-profit organization (NFPO) that includes 22 pharmacies, three medical clinics, several nursing services, an urgent care clinic, and a day spa. They were founded 140 years ago in Ballarat, Victoria, southeast Australia.

Their completion rates have skyrocketed

Since its inception, the organization has expanded to include 105 employees and continues to operate in Victoria. UFS Dispensaries had used an LMS previously but found it fragmented and complicated. For this reason, they turned to Easy LMS, which provided a fun and efficient solution for their compliance training requirements. As a result, completion rates have skyrocketed, and their employees now enjoy doing their mandatory training

Connecting the training dots with our LMS

Michelle, the learning and development coordinator at UFS Dispensaries, described how they were seeking an LMS that could connect the dots. “We needed an LMS that could put everything together in a nice little package for our staff.” Our Academy feature helped with just that. Easy LMS is fully customizable, another appealing feature that creates a cohesive learning environment. “The styling is beautiful, and we can customize it to reflect our branding,” Michelle beamed.

With so many employees, it’s vital that everyone stays on the same page. “The Academy is ideal for our team members. Things are easy for them to find, easy for them to complete, and gratifying because they get their certificate awarded to them at the end. The whole process is very seamless for them.”

Completion rates have soared

UFS Dispensaries mainly use Easy LMS for compliance training. “For us, it’s all about the completion rates, and if you haven’t got those completions, you might as well not bother in the first place,” Michelle explained. Since using Easy LMS, completion rates have soared.

Easy LMS offered a simple solution that lets employees get the most out of their training

In contrast to their past experience, Easy LMS offered a simple solution that lets employees get the most out of their training. Michelle emphasized how the staff “like going in and doing their training” since the organization adopted our LMS. Easy LMS puts the fun back into mandatory training.

Amazing reports at your fingertips

The ability to effortlessly generate high-quality reports was perhaps one of the most important features of an LMS, for UFS Dispensaries. Generating reports was a time-consuming task in their previous LMS. Easy LMS feels like a breath of fresh air in comparison. “It’s all there at your fingertips; it’s only a couple of clicks to produce an amazing report that not only are our accreditors happy with, but our senior managers can understand them too.”

Spreading the word about Easy LMS

Michelle is confident that Easy LMS is a tool that could help other companies get on top of their employee training. “I think other businesses should be using Easy LMS because you don’t have to be an IT expert to use it,” she expressed.

The logical structure of the system takes out the guesswork

The logical structure of the system takes out the guesswork, according to Michelle. “It’s all just there. It’s intuitive, really well-structured, and sensible! It reduces the amount of time we spend thinking about what the system can do. It’s all so obvious.”

We are excited for Michelle as she continues to explore all the possibilities of using Easy LMS in her organization.