Question bank software for online Exams

After investing in creating quality Exam questions, there is no need to reinvent them for new Exams. Our question bank will automatically store all your questions so you can easily maintain, organize, and reuse them.

What is a question bank?

Our question bank is a collection of questions from all Exams ever made in the LMS. In this overview, you get a quick impression per question of its characteristics like format, how many Exams it appears on, and its category.

The question bank interacts with the list of questions that you add to each Exam. From the question bank, you can add existing questions to the Exam question list. And from the Exam question list, you can edit those questions already stored in the question bank.

How does it work?

Use the question bank to search for relevant questions by question or category

While creating a new Exam, you can use the question bank to search for relevant questions by question or category. Then, select and add them to the Exam. For example, you could search by a category like compliance and select all of the questions in that list in one click.

Maintaining and editing questions

Regulations and industry best standards are constantly evolving, so you'll need to update your questions over time. Or, perhaps some questions might be slightly different based on the topic at hand. When editing a question, we provide a list of Exams where it appears and ask if you want to change it in the question bank (everywhere) or just on that Exam.

The many benefits of question bank software

It will save you time when you use the question bank

You will save time when you create new Exams by utilizing the question bank. You won’t have to enter existing questions again. Likewise, its search functionality will help you quickly filter through questions to identify the relevant ones. If a question needs updating, you can make the change across all Exams from just one place.

The question bank's overview is beneficial when a team of individuals will work with the LMS. You will appreciate the reminder we give that the question is on multiple Exams. If the Exam question is currently in use on another Exam, our question bank will also prevent them from deleting that question. No surprises!

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