Active and Passive Voice Quiz

This page will show the differences between active and passive voice. First it will describe what active or passive voice means. It will give you an explanation of what it contains plus some examples for a better understanding. Once you know the differences, you should see which kind of sentence is best to use.

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Meaning Active Voice

An active voice describes a sentence where the subject performs the action stated by the verb: (subject performing) + (verb) + (object receiving action).


"I made the quiz in one hour."


I (subject performing) + made (verb) + the quiz (object receiving action) in one hour.

Meaning Passive Voice

A passive voice describes a sentence where subject is acted upon by the verb: (object receiving action) + (form of ‘to be’) + (past participle of verb) + by + (subject performing).


"The quiz was made by me in one hour."


The quiz (object receiving action) + was  (form of ‘to be’) + made (past participle of verb) + by + me (subject performing) in one hour.


Active: My friend invited the whole group to a soccer game.

Passive: The whole group was invited by my friend to a soccer game.

Active: At eleven o’clock, I am going to bake some cookies.

Passive: At eleven o’clock, some cookies are going to be baked by me.

How To Make an active and passive voice quiz?

I would not recommend to write questions in a passive voice. Questions must be simple to understand. Otherwise it confuses participants too much. Passive worded questions or answers are less easy to read. When do you use a passive voice? You use the passive voice if you think that the object receiving action should be emphasized. For example: “All questions will have been completed before the deadline.” (passive voice) Instead of “You will have completed all questions before the deadline.” (active voice) It’s important that they read that ALL question will have been completed. It’s up to you which one you choose! Read more about tips and tricks that will improve your questions.

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