Create online tests for employees

In this modern day world everybody has to keep learning to stay up-to-date. It's important to really test your employees if they are doing an online course to see if they gained knowledge. What better method than throw a real exam at them and see how they handle it ;-)

Create online tests for employees

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Testing your employees after a course with an online exam has a lot of benefits compared to taking a paper test in a classroom. Let's dive in: 

Self Paced & Mobile Learning

One of the big improvements of online learning and testing above testing in the class with paper exams is that your employees can take the exam when it's suits their schedule. No important business meetings or deadlines who can mess up your timetable for the exam. Let them take the exam when they have room for it. It reliefs some of the stress of the exam and it will get you higher passing rates. 

On top of self paced your employees can take the exam on their own (mobile) device. 

Reduce training costs

It's time and cost intensive to get all your employees in one room at a given time to take an exam. Why not have them take the exam in their own time. It saves you a lot of time, hassle and money. 

Save time with online learning software

You can save time with online learning software. We wrote more on this topic in our article about online learning for employees. Your colleagues don't have to travel to a class room to take a lesson or take an exam. Just get your laptop, tablet or mobile phone and start learning. Profit!

Track progress

You can easily track their progress in the "Analyze" section of our software. You know exactly who started the exam, who finished it, who is still working on it. And what the results are. Instantly after they finished the exam. 

Automatically send them a certificate

Save some time and send your employees a certificate if they pass the exam. Completly automated. Profit again! Read more about employee onboarding or try our tool for free.

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