What is a question bank?

Having a question bank can help you get the most out of our online exam builder. Why, and how? First, we need to understand what is a question bank and how it works.

What is a question bank?

A question bank can be two things: a list of all your questions created with an exam software (including all exams) and a list of all the questions in one exam.

The last definition is the one we are going to focus on. How does it work? Basically, it works like this: you create an exam and add a number of questions to it. Let’s say, 100 questions. But you don’t want your students to answer all these questions, so you set them up in a way that the exam software picks, say, 30 questions from this question bank with 100 questions, at random, every time someone takes the exam. This means every student will get a different set of 30 questions when taking the same exam. Awesome, right? ✨

Why should I use a question bank in my online exam?

Using a question bank like this helps prevent cheating, since no group of students will get the same questions, at the same order, while taking the same exam. It also lets you add more content to the exam material, since you can cover a lot more ground with a bigger set of questions (even though the students are not getting all of them) than with just a few questions.

Our tool

With a Business Owl plan or above, you can use a question bank for your exams. You can also set up the number of questions that should be picked (at random) from that question bank. You can do a 7-day free trial of any of these plans with us, if you want to see for yourself how this amazing feature works. 

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